MapProxy Windows installer

Windows installer for the excellend tile cache solution MapProxy, see This is not an official distribution for MapProxy and is in no way endorsed by MapProxy creators.

The aim of this installer is to make the MapProxy installation as easy, automatic and production-ready as possible on Windows based systems. During installation, it is possible to specify the data directory, server port and whether to run as a Windows service.


You can download the latest installer v1.10.0 here or an older version here.


The installer should setup MapProxy out of the box. Just download the executable and run the wizard, the default settings are just fine. When the installation is completed, MapProxy is ready to run. Go to Start Menu -> Programs -> MapProxy 1.x.x -> Start MapProxy to start the server. The demo page is also available at the Start Menu, MapProxy Web Admin Page.


This MapProxy uses Portable Python to not depend or interfere on/with other Python installations. MapProxy is configured with CherryPy on top as WSGI webserver. Pywin32 is used to run MapProxy as windows service.

Tested as working for:

Documentation for MapProxy is available at

How To Build

For developers wanting to improve or modify this installer, clone this repository first.

$ git clone
$ cd MapProxyWindows

Make sure you haveNSIS and git installed in your system, if not, grab it at and

Now download Portable Python and install the file to the PortablePython directory. During the extraction wizard, choose the minimal install and select the optional modules lxml and PyWin32.

Offline setup is provided by including the egg files for MapProxy. These files have to be downloaded before running the NSIS compiler. Get the egg files by running easy_install from the portable python folder and save them to the folder eggs.

$ PortablePython\App\Scripts\easy_install -zmaxd eggs mapproxy==1.x.x Shapely pyproj Pillow cherrypy==3.8.2

Now everything is ready to for NSIS. Create the installer by using the makensis program.

$ makensis SetupMapProxy.nsi


Created and maintained by B. Baas, Baas geo-information


This installer and MapProxy are released under the Apache Software License 2.0. See for additional information.